Back on Land: Worn Out, Beat Up, and Happy.

And I’m back!

Right now it’s early Sunday evening, but when you read this I’ll be departing from Kid Rock’s Chillin’ the Most Cruise down in Tampa, FL.? This was easily the craziest cruise we’ve ever done as a company, and words cannot truly describe what happened.

Didn’t stop me from trying though!

Here’s a recap of the second day of the cruise: The Most Memorable Night in Sixthman History?

If you don’t feel like reading and you’d rather watch a video, check out this quick video I put together from the first day of the cruise:

Kid Rock Cruise Day 1 Video

End of the 2nd 28-Day Challenge

The 2nd 28-day challenge has ended!

I don’t have time while sailing to do my complete report, but I’ll get to it as quickly as possible once I’m back in Atlanta.? After slipping two weeks ago, I got back on track this week and got in all of my workouts, including one in the Tampa hotel and one at the gym on board the cruise ship.

If you participated in this 28-day challenge, please go ahead and post how things went for you on the Nerd Fitness message boards.? Instead of me picking the winners this time, I’d like the community to decide by nominating a few candidates and then voting on the winners.

This is something new, and I’m coordinating it while floating at sea, so bear with me!

As for the next challenge, we’ll take a week to recover, reevaluate, and readjust, and then we’ll start the next challenge on MAY 10th! Stay tuned for more details.

Back to Work

Updates will be back to normal on Thursday, and I’ll be sending emails to all the people who inquired about guest posting.? There are some awesome ideas in there and I can’t wait to see what comes out of it.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to sleep in my own bed tonight…and then it’s back to work at the office tomorrow morning.



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