Do you hear that?? Thats the sound of me leveling up my life.

This photo of me and a colorful alpaca was taken at Machu Picchu, which means I’ve successfully completed my Peru Mission on my Epic Quest of Awesome.

This has pretty much been the perfect adventure: tons of stories, lots of exercise (with video proof), way too many iconic pictures, and one hell of a good time.

Oh, and Machu Picchu might be the coolest place ever.

This trip inspired me so damn much that I seriously CANT wait to get back to work on Nerd Fitness and the Rebellion. Expect a full mission download next Thursday, as I? have a really personal and important post ready to go for Monday.? Don’t miss it.

My trip home starts today, and ends tomorrow.

Thanks Peru, these were seventeen days I′ll never forget.

And for you, dear Nerd Fitness reader: get ready. When I get back to the States, it’s on like Donkey Kong.



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