Friday Nerd Alert: Our Official NF Mascot?

Looks like we have our first official Nerd Fitness mascot!

Meet Coda, the dog of my buddy Vic Magary (co-author of the Rebel Strength Guide).? I got a chance to meet Coda while I was in Austin last month hanging out with Vic…this pooch embodies everything Nerd Fitness stands for.? Plus, Coda can deadlift 350.? So, kind of awesome.

I’m headed back to the west coast this weekend (San Diego) to watch the Super Bowl with my brother – yes I know I was JUST there and the game is in Indianapolis.

However, I’d rather be sitting by the beach in 70 degree weather hanging out with my brother instead of dealing with chaos and cold in Indy.? Unfortunately my time out there is incredibly limited so I won’t be able to do a NF meetup, but I hope to return soon!

Let’s jump right in to what’s happening around the community today!

(and so far, “Nerd Alert” made me laugh the most and seemed the most appropriate for our Friday update name – Scotticus came up with the suggestion, so I’ll have to get in touch with him soon for his free shirt).

Blogs of the week

This entry came in like 20 minutes ago but I freaking love it.? CreativeDisco listed 5 things he’s learned since going to the gym regularly:

1. Form is everything.
There’s a good reason why the SL 5×5 program recommends starting with the empty bar and moving up by 5 lb increments. That reason is form. When I started out, I made (and am probably still making) so many ridiculous form errors that it’s a wonder why I haven’t developed tendonitis all over the place. Thankfully, I’ve had plenty of helpful people who’ve aided me in fixing many of these issues, and it shows.

2. Stretch
My workout no longer ends as soon as I rack the weight. I’ve learned, thanks in no small part to the community here, how vital mobility work, stretches, and foam rolling are to my muscles.

3. Gyms really aren’t that scary

I used to assume that gyms were full of ‘roid monkeys that took immense pleasure in tormenting regular folks like me when they weren’t lifting obnoxious piles of metal. Even when I’d visit the gym in college, I’d get nervous around some of the big guys and start having flashbacks of being in school where I would get picked on by the bigger kids.

Truth is, that’s a stereotype, and a very unfair one at that. Most of those guys don’t even notice I’m there, and to date, I’ve had only two interactions with them. I asked one guy to observe my squat form this past Wednesday, and he was kind enough to do so–even gave me a few pointers–and today, one of the guys very politely asked me if he could jump in on the squat rack in between my sets.

Thus far, in fact, the only thing slightly rude that I’ve observed is how folks will sometimes leave their crap lying around after they get finished working out.

4. Eat.
I learned this one the hard way. One does not go balls-to-the-wall on a workout after the only thing one has had in one’s belly is three cups of coffee. One also does not do so if the majority of things one has put in one’s belly has been cookies in one form or another. I might not know much about the human anatomy, but from what I’ve learned, it seems to function in many of the same ways as a car (something I do know a few things about). If you expect your car to do anything besides act as an enormous paperweight, then you need to put gas in the gas tank. You also need to make sure that you put the correct gas in the gas tank. Sugar in the gas tank, for instance, is a bad idea.

5. Working out makes me happy.

It really does. When done right, I actually enjoy spending time at the gym. Even on the crappy days, I still feel like I’ve accomplished something (even if it’s what not to do). Compare this to my job where, most days, I feel like I haven’t accomplished jack sh** no matter what I do. In fact, I’m thinking of writing Toby Keith a letter asking him to change the lyrics of his song to “Let’s hit the gym and be somebody.”

Congrats to Bondgirl311 for having the awesome success with paleo.? Extra points for the How I Met Your Mother reference in the title.?

I feel REALLY good. So good, I’m going to continue with Paleo.

Ending weight: 219.8lbs
Total Lost: 10.2lbs

Ending body fat: 35.7%
Total Lost: 2.3%

This really wasn’t as difficult as I thought it’d be. What really convinced me though, was how good I felt (okay, and the numbers helped!).

I learned a lot about myself during this process.
1. I have far more willpower than I give myself credit for.
2. I CAN stick to a diet plan
3. Fresh food is NUMMY (spaghetti squash = omnomnom)
4. Pasta? Rice? Nah, I’m good for now, but thanks!

Thanks guys!? If you’re on the boards you can start your own blog too!?

Post of the week

ETF Nerd started an awesome thread on why we make excuses and trying to be the best person possible…and received some incredibly personal responses.? I bet there are a few responses in here we can all relate to.? The one that stuck out to me though (Thanks Rosie) was this quote from some dude named Winston Churchill ??

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Woots of the week

If you do something awesome, congratulate yourself for being awesome.? And tell us about it! ?

Who cares if it sounds like you’re bragging – we’re among friends, and we love to see our friends succeed.? So, we have a Woot Room where rebels can post their successes.

Hiimrif went Paleo and dropped 28+ pounds in 28 days.? Um, holy crap.? Plus, there are pictures…where’d his stomach go?

Nighlight went to Crossfit last week and did her workout as prescribed, not scaled.? If you’re a crossfitter, then you’ll know this as WOD rx’d.?? If you’re not a crossfitter, just know its kind of a big deal.

Waldo for doing his first pistol squats and joining the fifty pounds lost club!? On top of that, excellent use of the discount double check.? If you don’t know what a pistol squat is – its a one legged squat where you go all the way down to the ground with your other leg out in front of you.? It’s freaking difficult.? Big props Waldo!

Big things coming…

So I can’t announce them yet, but just wanted to give you a heads up that things are starting to get REALLY exciting around Nerd Fitness HQ these days.? And by HQ, I mean the desk that I sit at in my apartment in Washington DC.

I hope to be able to make a few announcements next week, but we’re not quite there yet.? Just know that this community is only going to get better, and you’re only going to get more looked after.

Oh, and we’re getting some new apparel coming into the NF store soon for the NF ladies in the crowd.

Have a great weekend folks!



PS- NF hoodies and shirts keep selling like crazy…which means I know there are people all over the world wearing them.? Send in your pictures of you doing something epic while wearing one!? I know…being the next photo AFTER Coda is going to be tough, but we’ll allow it ??

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