Introducing Nerd Fitness TV – Get Your Motivation Here

It’s an exciting time to be a Nerd Fitness Rebel!

Our goal at Nerd Fitness is to eliminate every potential excuse you might have for not getting healthy. ?We’ve covered how to eat right, how to?work out, how to be more productive, how to walk, run, and hike, how to do a push up, how to do your first pull up…but we still get one issue above all others:

“I just can’t seem to get motivated!”

I hear ya. ?Some days, you just don’t want to get out of bed. ?Other days you come home from work and that couch looks MIGHTY cozy. ?Another round of Halo or Modern Warfare 3 sounds way more enjoyable than exercising.

Which is why we’ve created our own freaking TV channel!

NerdFitness.TV is born!

Nerd Fitness TV

A few weeks back while traveling through New York City with my boy James Clear, I had a chance to sit down with my friends Reece?and Chris?at Shelby.TV

They’ve created an awesome?video?platform that lets people watch and curate their own channel of the best video they find all around the web (content from YouTube, Hulu, ESPN, Vimeo, etc.). ?It also gets smart about content you like and don’t like, showing you the stuff you need to see and getting you back to the real world so you can keep kicking ass.

The SECOND I saw what they were building, a?light bulb?went off in my head:?“We need to have a Nerd Fitness TV channel with an epic motivational videos playing ALL the time.”

The guys at Shelby agreed, and thus – Nerd Fitness TV was born ??

When you visit NerdFitness.TV, you’ll see my personally selected list of motivational videos that will make you want to run through walls, do a million push ups, walk to Mordor, and exercise around the world.

Anytime you are EVER in need of motivation – visit NerdFitness.TV, watch a video or two, and then go have the workout of your life. ?It’s guaranteed to add ten pounds to your squat and make your Spartan war cry 15% more epic.

The Next Steps

This is just the beginning. ?We’re fortunate to be one of the first sites to partner with Shelby, so there are a handful of features that they’re in the process of implementing.

Over the next few months, you’ll see?NerdFitness.TV?evolve? in a few different ways.? I can’t hint too much about what’s coming, but I promise it will be cool.?

If you’re interested in getting and curating your own channel on Shelby, you can request an invite at? email? an invite.

If you happen to struggle with motivation, today you no longer have any excuses. ?NerdFitness.TV – you’re welcome, Rebellion!

Leave a comment with your personal favorite motivational video or any features you’d love to see added to NerdFitness.TV, and the NF team and I will select the best ones to add to the channel!

And don’t forget, we’re just getting started. ?

Nerd Fitness TV is going to rule.?Hard.


P.S. ?Sorry about no post on Thursday last week; we’re trying to launch our new Nerd Fitness store (with new apparel items and with everything restocked) but we’re hitting a few technical snags (including our distributer being out due to the hurricane!). ?Sorry for the delay, but thanks for your patience!


photo: Walt Disney TV, Epic Graffiti

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50 thoughts on “Introducing Nerd Fitness TV – Get Your Motivation Here

  1. What a great idea Kamb! That’s a unique way to motivate people. I love watching intense youtube videos to get me pumped before a workout. Transformation videos also work well because everyone likes to see an underdog come out on top.

    Hopefully, everything goes well. Good luck setting up everything!



  2. Weird, I’m in OS X (Mountain Lion) and with Chrome Version 22.0.1229.94 the webpage just don’t work, I can only see the rocky video, no pause, no next, the comment about montages don’t even dissapear. But with Safari everything works (And I can say that it rocks!)

  3. Can you send a screenshot of what you’re seeing in Chrome to Also, do you have any extensions installed that might be interfering (does it work in incognito mode)?

    Glad it’s working in Safari – happy to get you into the beta if you want one of your own. ??

  4. wow steve you just keep expanding on what type of stuff you are building, i would love to have a detailed post on the different projects that you do. Nerd tv is looking good and can not wait to see the new store steve

  5. Some of my faves:

    Arthur’s transformation (you’ll cry, and your excuses not to work out will seem really sad) –
    Hot chicks doing the olympic lifts (speaking as a woman, this is awesome) –
    Liz Lemon Workout (how *not* to workout) –
    Eye of the TIger (c’mon, you’ve gotta!) –

  6. Absolutely awesome! Is there any way you can get this to be a Roku channel? I’m always hunting for something to have on the TV while I work out, I think this will do nicely.

  7. Great idea! ?? I would like to suggest the use of subtitles in some videos, to deaf people understand what it is saying. I know that not every video needs subtitles. Anyway, I really liked much the channel!

  8. Hey Travis, we’re not quite ready to roll out for other boxes, yet. It should work on some non-PC browsers (Xbox works decently well and iPad support is coming soon). Looking forward to getting things up and running on as many different types of devices as we can, though.

  9. This is AWESOME! I just watched the first one and I’m all fired up. Nothing better than a motivational musical montage to start your day. Can’t wait to see how NF.TV develops. Thanks, Steve!

  10. For years getting out of bed for my morning
    workout has been a fight. I do not mean one or two days a week it’s a fight, I
    mean every single day it’s a fight. I honestly hate getting out of bed. But,
    this channel gave me an idea. I have setup my computer to automatically launch
    the site 15 minutes before my alarm is set to go off. After watching
    one or two videos, it is impossible to stay in bed. I know it’s only been a few
    mornings, so I am not calling it problem solved. But I thought I would share
    the idea.

  11. I’m so sad! Whenever I got to or click on one of the links, it takes me to your main page! I can’t access it!

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