New Tanktops! Live Q&A! Loud Noises!

anchorman jump

Feel free to imagine me yelling that headline like?Steve Carrell?in Anchorman.

I have a lot of really freaking fun stuff to announce today, so you’re getting a special Tuesday article, because I love you that much. Yes, you.

Before I start to ramble on about who knows what (and lord knows I do plenty of that), let’s jump right into the good stuff!

Performance Racing Tanks!

TanktopThe Rebellion asked for them.

Some Rebels asked for them repeatedly.

Well, they’re now available! ?Get your Nerd Fitness superhero racing tanktop today for $22.99!

We know most Nerd Fitness Rebels already FEEL like superheroes, so we figure it’s time for us to start dressing like true superheroes as well.

These shirts will give you superhuman strength, x-ray vision, and supersonic speed. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Grab your Nerd Fitness superhero men’s performance racing tanktop, printed on incredibly soft and high quality New Balance?apparel, today for $22.99. ?Just be prepared to be more awesome than expected while wearing it. ?

Texas Rebels rule!

texas meetup

Look, it’s a real life tribe of Nerd Fitness Rebels out in the wild down in Texas: Wicked Pixie (owner of the first Nerd Fitness tattoo), BigM,?Page,?Robin (Hammi!), Devyn and Rachael! ?

Congrats to those that ran (including 50by25, not pictured) and a huge THANK YOU to those that came out just to cheer them on! Plus, it looks like a freaking Nerd Fitness rebel gear catalogue photo!

All joking aside, it’s stuff like this that makes me beyond proud to be a member of the Nerd Fitness community. ?I have honestly never encountered such a supportive, kind, and amazing group of people anywhere in the galaxy.

Thanks for being you. Thanks for being here. Thanks for being there for each other ??


Live Q&A

?old microphone

I want to try something new this Thursday evening. I wanna chat.

Every time I get a chance to hang out and chat with Rebels either in person or online, I have way too much fun and end up laughing my ass off.

This Thursday starting at 7pm CST, I’ll be doing a free Q&A live on the INTERNET! (Ever heard of it?) ??I’ll be reading your questions and answering them live on video.

We’re still working out the technical details, but you won’t have to pay for anything or sacrifice your first born to attend, just come hang out Look for an announcement in Thursday’s article and on our Facebook and Twitter pages throughout the day.

If you haven’t noticed, I can pretty much talk about, relate to, and discuss practically anything – so bring your questions: fitness, diet, and video games, Star Wars trivia, and anything else. ?I’ll try to keep the bad language and corny jokes to a minimum, but no promises.

Hopefully you can make it, we can have some fun, and this can become a regular thing! ?

More to Come…

human cannonball

At the moment, I feel like a human cannonball, waiting to get launched after spending the past three months quietly packing as much gunpowder in as possible.

Starting in a few weeks, you’ll see a slew of new announcements, projects, updates, and upgrades to practically everything on Nerd Fitness: Look out for new free features and updates, along with a premium product or two. ?Don’t worry, you’ll still see free articles every week and the message boards will remain a free haven for all Rebels.

On to the projects! ?I can’t spill ALL of the beans just yet, but I can mention a considerable number of them:

I spent the past week with Chase Reeves, a great friend and one HECK of a designer, out in San Francisco, CA. ?I’m going to guess you can figure out what we’re working on, but don’t be surprised if Nerd Fitness looks a bit different soon. ?I wish I could show you a preview, but this redesign has me incredibly fired up, as it makes the site WAY more?responsive, much simpler, and still keeps the NF nerdiness.

Remember Rising Heroes, our live action MMO? ?We’re still hard at work in development, and although we’re still a long way from its potential, we already have close to 200 people beta testing it! ?Our interest list has a few thousand people looking to get in on the beta and we’ll be announcing more details next month explaining how people can get a chance to join us in the fight for Arcadea’s future!

NF Team member Staci and I are hard at work on a fitness program designed specifically for women looking to get started with strength training. ?I promise the program will be full of the NF charm, well researched information, inspirational content, and answers to every question you’ll have relating to women and strength training (can you guess what part Staci will be writing?). ?Keep an eye out for this in early June.

And one final secret project that will remain a?surprise?until we announce it in a few weeks ?? ?Don’t worry, I know you’ll love it.

So, rather than selling the company to a conglomerate, I think I’m just gonna do everything I can to make Nerd Fitness the best damn website on the internet instead. ?Sound good? I’m so excited for the future of the Rebellion, and I’m glad you’re here helping me make things even better.

Thanks for reading Nerd Fitness – I feel honored that I get to wake up every morning and focus completely on making this place better; thank you for that opportunity, I’ll do everything I can to make sure I continue to earn your attention and your time.

And we’re just scratching the surface.

Next stop: Nerd world domination!



photo source:?anchorman, old radio,?human cannonball

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