The World’s Quickest Advice Column


I want to lose weight.? Eat less and move more.

I also want to be healthy. Eat less crap and more real food.

I want abs.? Eat VERY clean and lift heavy, like Saint.

I want to build muscle and get bigger. Lift heavy, eat enough protein, and increase your calorie intake.

I want results. Track everything. “That which is measured gets improved.”

Do I need a gym membership? Nope.

I don’t have time to work out. Yes, you do.

I don’t like eating [specific healthy food]. Don’t eat it.? Double up on [specific healthy food you DO like].

I don’t like [specific physical activity].? Then don’t do it.

I do enjoy [specific physical activity].? Good, do more of that.

Should I take [expensive supplement]? No. Spend the money you save on healthier food options.

It hurts when I do [specific exercise].? Fix your form or do a different exercise that works the same muscles.

I’m not motivated today. Now you are.

How else can I help?

Leave your quick question in the comments, I’ll give you a quick answer!



(Photo taken by my buddy Cash while we were at a fire show in Railay, Thailand back in May)

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