Rebels Yell

NF rebel Caleb (of PocketChanged) in Glacier National Park, Montana.? It’s tough to see due to the flexing and the NF t-shirt, but there are MOUNTAINS behind him. Actual mountains.

Hello and welcome to another Friday edition of Futureheroes in Training!

In case you missed the announcement last week, every Friday I’ll be highlighting the awesomeness of the NF community.? With almost 13,000 subscribers and over 4,000 members on the message boards (now up over 100,000 posts), this small rag-tag group of underdogs is starting to make some serious waves worldwide.

I have to give another shout out to Joe, the rebel I featured on Wednesday who lost 128 pounds in 10 months.?? Joe’s story attracted thousands upon thousands of new visitors and hundreds and hundreds of new subscribers.

If you happen to be one of those newbies, we’re glad to have you!?

Challenge Winners

Two years ago, we started holding 4-week (now 6-week) challenges to see who could make the most positive changes to themselves in that time.? Well, I was also kind of busy doing a wee bit of traveling last year, so I’ve been slacking on the whole “announcing winners” thing.? You have to understand, I might be the least organized person in the world, and I have the attention span of a toddler watching….ooh look a butterfly!

Where was I?

Oh right! Contest winners!? So, here are ALL of the winners in these contests for the past YEAR.?? Big thanks to Staci for organizing this and keeping me in line.? I promise future winners now have a place to be announced ??

January 31st, 2011 Winner: LyneeLee for establishing some new kickass habits – she tracked all of her meals, strength-trained twice a week, stretched twice a week, and managed to regain control of her messy house.

March 7th, 2011 Winner: clawedbear for going primal and losing almost 17 pounds in the four weeks, dropping a pant size, and kicking butt on his kettlebell workouts.

April 11, 2011 Winner: Citabean for pretty much dominating every single physical challenge she put in front of herself.? Seriously, read what she accomplished.

May 30th, 2011 Winner: Crooked for learning how to do a kipping pull up, went 90% paleo, worked out 3 times a week, and deadlifted 210 lbs!? She’s winning.

July 18th, 2011 Winner: LorenWade for losing 16 pounds, dropping 5% of his body fat, cranking out 10 pull ups, and completing a 10 minute (!) plank!? Damn dude!

September 5th, 2011 Winner: Catspaw for losing 3 pounds of fat, gaining 3 pounds of muscle, running a half marathon, taking circus school classes, knitting classes, skydiving, and turning down a six-figure job because she knew it wouldn’t make her happy.? Just typing this made me exhausted.

October 24th, 2011 Winner: Matilda1117 (aka Mama T) for gaining strength, speed, building confidence, becoming less shy (something we can all relate to )

Thanks to all of you guys who are now winners – we’ll be in touch with you shortly and send you your prize – a NF t-shirt and ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN CASH (I’m 100% lying about the cash, but not about the t-shirt).

From here on out, we’ll be able to announce winners in a timely manner, thanks to these nifty Friday posts.

Thanks for your understanding!

Caption contest winner

James AE – Ostrich: “hmm… I wonder what a nerd burger tastes like …”

I spit out my coffee when I read “nerd burger,” and I don’t even drink coffee.? That’s how funny this was.? Congrats James, I’ll be in touch shortly!

Woots of the Week

If you do something awesome, congratulate yourself for being awesome.? And tell us about it! ?

Who cares if it sounds like you’re bragging – we’re among friends, and we love to see our friends succeed.? So, we have a Woot Room where rebels can post their successes.

Like these heroes:

Tatpunk for going paleo and dropping 6 pounds in her first week – as an added bonus, she’s been able to decrease how much arthritis medication she needs to take, has more energy, and all around feels much better.

Weirdquark for doing a wide grip pull up for the first time ever!? Is there any better exercise to make you feel like a badass?? Okay maybe heavy deadlifts but pull ups are my favorite.

Manveru for running a mile without stopping for the first time in his life.? Congrats Manveru!

Sharky for flipping a 500 pound tire twice this week.? Um, holy crap.

Atalan for seeing great changes in under a month.? Looks like we might have the next Joe on our hands if he can keep it up!

ShinigamiPUNCH who no longer needs plus size clothing.? WOOT!

Austin NF Meetup

Big thanks to the rebels of Austin, TX for hanging out at the NF meetup this past week!? And yes, that is Chuck Norris himself on the wall behind us.? Not quite sure how a freaking Runyon shirt showed up…and yes we look like zombies, and I know you’re jealous.

Funniest Facebook Photo

Renato with a pork leg in his mouth, hailing all the way from S?o Caetano do Sul, Brazil!? NF is HUGE in South America!

San Fransisco!

?On Monday, I’ll be flying out to San Francisco.? On Wednesday, I’ll be speaking to the fine folks at Facebook on how to not suck at setting goals!? Who’s in town on Thursday evening, the 26th?? Considering trying to put together a Nerd Fitness meetup – here’s the event page for it if we can make it happen.

How You Doin?

And that’s all we have for today – I have quite a few other ideas for awesome things that we can add into these Friday articles…but if you have suggestions please don’t be afraid to share them.? This is your article ??

What’s new in your world?



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