Rebellion Update – September 2010: Lost Cities and T-Shirts!

Oh hey Machu Picchu, looks like I might be seeing you soon…

I figured with today being the last day of the month and me having a sh**load of things to announce, it would be a good idea to take a quick glance at what’s happening in the world of Steve Kamb and Nerd Fitness!

Read for details on a unexpected cruise, a spontaneous trip to Peru, updates on my Epic Quest, a new identity (sorta), new technology, a purging of clutter, and NERD FITNESS T-SHIRTS!

Going Cruising

A few days ago, I made a commitment to go work with my old company Sixthman (who is all sorts of awesome) on their cruise coming up at the end of the month: The Jillian Michaels Ultimate Wellness Cruise.

I don’t know why they wanted me, it’s not like I have anything to do with fitne…(reads blog name)….oh okay ??

So, from October 21-25, I’ll be hanging out on a cruise ship in the Caribbean with Jillian Michaels and a bunch of like-minded individuals.? I’m pumped!? I realize it’s a long shot, but if you’re an NF reader and you happen to be sailing on this cruise, shoot me an email!

That’s not the only unexpected trip coming up. It looks like I’m also headed to…

Machu Picchu

Cash, my best friend since first grade, recently told me he wanted to go to Peru at the end of October to see Machu Picchu. This is one of the things on my epic quest, and I have PLENTY of airline miles to get there (with enough left over to get me to Australia/NZ in January), so I told him that I’m in!

We’re in the early stages of planning, but it’s going to have to come together quickly. ?Luckily, my new boss (me) is really lenient and lets me work from anywhere in the world, so last-minute adventures are now part of my job description. ?I’ll probably depart Atlanta around October 27-29th and travel around Peru for 7-10 days.? We’re currently researching which trail to hike to get to the Incan city.

If you’ve ever been to Peru and done any of the hikes, or if you LIVE in Peru (it’s possible!) and want to meet up, please email me!

Epic Quest

Last week, I wrote about my Epic Quest of Awesome and ended up with 120+ comments and two dozen emails from people all over the world about where to go and what to do. I’ll be adding an Epic Quest tab to the nav bar with an updated bucket list and map so that people can track where I’ve been and where I’m headed.

I want to cross things off the Epic Quest list along with other Nerd Fitness rebels. ?For that reason, I’ll be posting where I’m going and what I’m doing as far in advance as possible so that anybody else who’s around and/or available can join in the fun!

The more the merrier – we’re all in this together, and we’re all leveling up together.

Whenever I’m back in the States, I’d love to start doing meet-ups around the country too – laser tag, Ultimate Frisbee, rock climbing, hiking, surfing whatever!? Let’s take the Rebellion into the real world.

New Identity

Every time I jump on the Nerd Fitness Message Boards, I am constantly amazed:

  • We’re up to 410+ posters and over 8,000 posts now.
  • There’s a thread called “Ask Steve,” where every question gets answered by another poster before I even get a chance to read it.
  • Inspirational posts in the Woot Room put a big smile on my face and often bring a tear to my eye.

For these reasons, after weeks of thought, I’ve decided to change both my main twitter name and my posting name on the Message Boards.


Because I’m not Nerd Fitness.

I’m Steve, and I happen to be the guy who writes articles for the people of Nerd Fitness.? It’s not just a blog.? It’s a community of thousands of people who are getting stronger, faster, healthier, and happier every day.? It’s a ragtag bunch of misfits who constantly encourage each other to level up, to hope when all hope seems lost, to succeed where failure has been the status quo.

Nerd Fitness and the Rebel Army are a tremendous force to be?reckoned?with. I am so incredibly proud to be part of it.? So, moving forward:

If you were following Nerd Fitness before, I switched it so now you should be following SteveKamb (creative, I know).

On the boards, you’ll start to notice Steve poking around at all hours of the night instead of NerdFitness.

Thank you for making Nerd Fitness what it is – I’m honored to fight alongside you.

New Technology

Tomorrow, I finally join the 21st century – I’m getting an iPhone 4. Before you yell at me because it drops calls, why didn’t I go with android, etc. – I have a Macbook, I love iTunes, I’m already with At&T, and my roommate is an iPhone app developer.

So there.

Anyhoo, the real reason I’m excited about the iPhone is that I can finally start doing more videos and taking more pictures for Nerd Fitness – all of my Epic Quest adventures, new workout videos, more cooking videos (ha!), and more.

Cleaning Out My Closet

Last week, my friend Baker over at put out a fantastic e-book “Sell Your Crap (and I’m not just saying that because I’m included as one of the people he interviews in it!).

After tearing through the book the other day, I went on a whirlwind cleaning spree in my room.? I’ve purchased 100 bubble mailers to start selling my DVDs and books, donated HALF of my closet to Goodwill yesterday, and recycled all of my broken electronics at Best Buy.

I have probably 100 books and 100 DVDs and video games to sell over the next two months, and my digital piano… after that I’m down to just some clothes, a guitar, laptop, bed, and my cheap IKEA furniture (which I’ll sell when I move).


They’re coming!

I wanted to share with you the two designs I hope to start printing and shipping within the next few weeks. ?They’re not final, and I’m still open to some feedback, but I wanted to show them to you asap.? A few notes: the really dark grey one will be printed on 100% cotton and be more of a regular style t-shirt, while the lighter grey one will be printed on a tri-blend athletic-heather color from American Eagle and be more of an athletic cut – it will be made to look and feel (but not smell) like a well-worn shirt.? I’ll also probably be moving the words from around the logo to the back (to make it similar to the back of the dark grey one).

The lighter grey one will be a few dollars more expensive than the dark grey, but the shirts will be reasonably priced.

Here they are:

These are the two I’m hoping to print.

I don’t have enough money to place a big order up front, so next week or the week after I’ll start taking pre-orders so I can order the right amount of the right sizes.

If you have a minute, fill out this quick survey, letting me know if you’re interested in buying a shirt and which one you’re interested in buying.? If you fill out the 3 question survey and leave your email, and I’ll pick a winner at random to receive a FREE NF shirt!

Thanks in advance!

3 Months Left

I’m continuing work on the next e-book, cranking out some guest posts, selling all of my stuff, and planning a random trip to Peru.? Sleep is going to be tough to come by in October, but I’m so fired up right now that I don’t care.

I truly love the people in this community, and I wake up every day inspired to be better.

Thank you.

How are you leveling up your life today?




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