The Best Six Week Challenge Yet?

Lit Match

Today is a big day, my dear friend. ?

Today is the launch of the next 6-week Challenge at the?Nerd Fitness Community,?which is now home to over 9,400 rebels!

For the first time ever, we’re giving away a pretty sweet prize to the winner for this challenge too.

Let’s do this.

The Six Week Challenge


Every seven weeks, we launch a new challenge on the Nerd Fitness message boards. ?It’s 100% free.

Of all the things that make people successful, having a solid community and accountability are two of the most important. ?It’s amazing what happens when you check in with people daily, post your goals, get feedback, share your successes and failures, and stay in constant contact with people who are struggling with the same things that you are. ?It’s amazing what happens when you are checking in daily with people who inspire and motivate you to be better.

This new Six Week Challenge has a pretty sweet prize.

A few weeks ago, my buddy Tyler over at 344 pounds told me that he had a Fitbit?he wanted to give away to the Nerd Fitness community for the heck of it.

I purchased a Fitbit myself a few months ago and it’s pretty damn awesome.?

If you’re not familiar, a Fitbit?is a technologically advanced pedometer…on steroids. ?

This tiny gadget (which can be clipped to your belt) keeps track of your steps, distance, elevation change, and more. As long as you have the Fitbit dongle plugged into your computer’s USB port, it wirelessly transfers your data and keeps track of EVERYTHING for you automatically on a website that presents all of your data is an easy to read fashion.

Heck, you can even go to sleep wearing it on the included wristband so that it tracks the length and quality of your sleep!

They’ve made it as easy as possible to make sure every day is filled with enough movement. ?If you’re going to be walking to Mordor, this is probably the easiest way to keep track of it. ?Honestly, well worth the $99 investment in my opinion. ?Here’s a link to the Fitbit site?for more info.

So, at this point, if you haven’t figured it out now, the winner of this upcoming Six Week Challenge will not only win a Nerd Fitness t-shirt, but also a freaking FitBit!

All you have to do is make sure you read the rules here, sign up here, and then kick ass over the next six weeks.

If you’re going to join us in the challenge and need a workout plan to follow, consider checking out the Rebel Fitness Guide

You’re not alone in this! ?You can dominate!

[Side note:?Nerd Fitness isn’t affiliated in any way with FitBit – I just think it’s a cool gadget that nerds would love…and I like giving away free stuff!]

To Germany…and beyond!


Tomorrow, I’m leaving on a jetplane to Munich, Germany!?

I’ll be spending the next eleven days bouncing around Europe with two of my best friends and I couldn’t be more excited. ?I don’t plan on working one bit during my time traveling, but fear not! ?Thanks to my newly learned productivity skills, things should still run pretty darn smoothly around here even though I won’t be on my computer.

Once I get back to the States, I’ll be packing up my possessions and moving back to the south (Nashville, TN) for the foreseeable future. ?I went to college in Nashville (GO VANDY!), and I’m excited to set up my new home base. ?We have so many other big announcements coming over the next few weeks and months and I can’t wait to share them with you. The Rebellion is really evolving into something world changing, and I’m so proud to be a (very small) part of it.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for being a part of Nerd Fitness.

Auf wiedersehen!?


TODAY’S REBEL HERO: Brittany B,?rocking her NF t-shirt?in?the Galapagos Islands?with the cutest sea lion I have ever seen:

Brittany Galapagos

From Brittany: ?“I’ve been a Nerd Fitness fan since the beginning of last year when you were planning your Epic Trip! At first, I just started following to live vicariously through your travels, but soon discovered your fitness philosophy fit perfectly with my extreme distaste for gyms and fancy machines.

I bought a bike, took up swimming (NYC public pools are FREE during the summer, who knew?), started strength training at home with squats, pushups, etc., and took control over what I was eating by cutting (most) carbs out of my diet (read: stopped drinking beer) and eating more veggies, fruits, and nuts. My biggest obstacle, though, was running. I hated it. But I had hit a wall. I wasn’t where I wanted to be on my fitness track.

I knew that the only solution was to run. So I did. And I haven’t stopped for the past 3 months. ?I can’t thank you enough for your positive and inspiring e-mails! I’ve turned a couple of friends on to NF as well, and I know they feel the same way I do.”

Want to be the next Rebel Hero? ?Take a photo of you doing something epic in your Nerd Fitness t-shirt?or tanktop?and email us at!


photo source: german lego, match

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