Six Weeks to Awesome. You In?

Greetings from Washington, DC!

After a week in San Diego, 48 hours in Los Angeles, and one of the best weekends I’ve ever had in New York City, I’m at my new “home”…as soon as I can find one!? If you happen to live in DC and have any connections with apartment rental places or people, make sure you check out the PS note at the end of the article!

But that’s not the point of today’s article.

The point of today’s article is that up here in the Northern Hemisphere it’s now Fall.? The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and the temperature is starting to drop.? Summer is over, bathing suit season is done, and pretty soon it’ll be dark when you go to work and dark when you come home; all you’ll want to do is curl up in a ball, watch TV, and gorge on Chinese takeout.? “Why bother getting in shape now?” you might ask…after all, you can hide yourself under big sweaters, long pants and boots until the Spring, right?

That might fly elsewhere, but not here at Nerd Fitness, sucka!

We members of the Rebellion never stop pushing for a better life: for ourselves, for our family, for those we hold dear.? While others are sleeping, we are training.? While our coworkers are stuffing their faces with unhealthy food, we’re learning new recipes and teaching ourselves to cook.? While others are playing video games…well, we’re probably playing video games too, because we’re still nerds and like to have fun.

However, we know that within each of us resides a hero with an epic destiny. ?

And that there is a community of like-minded superheroes-in-training waiting for help you level up your life.

6 Weeks to Awesome

The Nerd Fitness community is exploding (not literally).

Within a matter of hours we should pass 70,000 total posts, 3000 members (holy crap) and within the next week we should pass 10,000 email and rss subscribers (are you signed up?).? I was talking to my friend Saint today (yeah, the 60 pounds overweight to 6-pack abs guy) about NF’s incredible growth and he came up with the best phrase for it:

“It’s like…its own being.”?

Yup.? It is awesome.

I have never been more proud or honored to be a part of such a kick-ass movement…which is why I’m proud to join the latest Nerd Fitness 6-week challenge that starts today!

You can read all the rules here, but it’s incredibly simple:

Just because it’s getting colder and darker doesn’t mean it’s time to start slacking.? If anything, this is the time when things are most important!? Although I don’t have my goals figured out yet (I’ll put finishing touches on them tonight), Here are a few I’m working on:

  • Gain 15 pounds.? Yeah, that’s just under 3 pounds per week.? I’m looking to bulk up and pack on some more muscle (something I’ve done a few times), so you can expect me to be drinking lots of whole milk and eating bags of almonds and jars of almond butter ??
  • Sign up for a gym membership and find an apartment – once I track down an apartment, I’m going to get a gym membership – although I plan on continuing to do body weight and gymnastic training, I miss my squats and deadlifts and overhead presses!? 3 days a week is the goal.
  • Fail at something! I’ve already had a few small failures lately, but I want to keep pushing myself to try new things – if I don’t fail, I’m not reaching far enough.? I know there’s a parkour gym here that I’d like to try out, and possibly look into some Kung Fu and/or Breakdancing lessons.? I’m going to stay busy and active during these winter months, damnit!
  • Start volunteering again.? When I lived in Atlanta, I used to help volunteer at the children’s hospital (I was the number caller for Bingo, ha!) every week and absolutely loved it – nothing put life more quickly into perspective than an afternoon there.? I’d love to find a great organization to volunteer with here in the DC area as well.
  • Find a new group of friends.? I’m very new to DC, but I’m looking forward to meeting new people at my various activities, volunteering, and clubs.? People to play sports with, climb with, play videogames with, etc.

So, that’s what I’m working on.? What are YOU working on?? Join the 3,000 of us on the boards – I have honestly never seen a more civilized, well-behaved, supportive, and amazing group of people when it comes to a message board community.

Come see for yourself…we rule ??

Sweatshirts and Google!

The Nerd Fitness hoodies have officially arrived at NF’s new merchandise headquarters (my sister’s apartment)!? They are going to start shipping out all preorders and new orders over these next few days.? THANK YOU for your patience on this.? I ordered a bunch extra of each size so they’re now all in stock….you know you want one ??

Pullover? Zip Up? Either way you win.

On top of that, I got my footage from my talk at Google Dublin the other day!? I’m excited to chop it up and post some videos on the site.? I’m hoping to do a LOT? more speaking engagements soon, so if you are in charge of your company or school’s department for booking speakers, let me know and let’s make this happen.

And Nerd Fitness t-shirts will be back in stock starting next week as well!

Be better

It doesn’t matter where you started, only where you’re headed.

Be better today than you were yesterday.? You’ve got 3,000 people who want to help you succeed by answering any questions you have and supporting you when you need it most.

Join us, and start kicking some ass.


PS – if you happen to live in DC, or have any leads on apartments – here’s what I’m looking for: a one-bedroom place or studio in the Columbia Heights, U Street, Chinatown, or Capitol Hill area, for a short term lease 4-6 months, available to move in on November 1st (which is flexible).? If you happen to have connections or leads, email me at – I understand that living in this part of town by myself will be expensive; I’m okay with that!?

PPS – As I said previously, I’m also looking to volunteer here in DC – if you are part of any organizations, let me know – I love helping out kids so keep that in mind!



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