State of the Rebellion 1/27/12

?Greetings from San Francisco!

I’m headed back to DC tomorrow, but so far my time out here has been fantastic.? Yesterday I had a chance to meet up with Scott of Live Your Legend and Maria from Fitness Reloaded, and today I’m gonna be hanging out with Leo from Zen Habits and Amber from Epic Self.? I wanna give a big shout-out to all my new friends over at Facebook for hosting me for my talk on Wednesday!? I had so much fun and it was great to talk about not sucking at goal setting and travel hacking with those guys.? Thanks Jen and company!

Let’s jump right in to see what the Rebellion looks like this week!

More moderators!

In news that will surprise nobody, the Nerd Fitness Rebellion is growing rather quickly.

We’re up to 4,200 members with more than 105,000 posts and growth is rapidly accelerating.? To make sure everybody has the best possible experience on the boards, we’re looking to add a few moderators to the mix – these volunteers will just keep an eye on things, help out when people have questions, keep the place SPAM-free, track down the best stuff for these Friday articles, and help sort out any arguments (which are still surprisingly minimal).

So we’re looking for people who are interested in becoming Mods!? However, rather than just ASK (come on, this is Nerd Fitness), we want you to fill out a quick fun “application” complete with questions like “if you could have any super power, what would it be and why?”? Feel free to have some fun with it and get creative.

If you have interest in becoming a moderator, please fill out this form and we’ll start digging through them.

Posts of the Week

1) Earlier this week, our resident power-lifting hero Staci started a thread about what she was struggling with, and encouraged others to jump in and share what they were struggling with…we’re already up to over 75 responses, but this one made me smile the most:

bigm141414: “And lastly, I am struggling with the fact that I am an awesome jar of awesomeness. All thanks to NF.”

2) Awsd00 asked what changes people have made since joining the NF community:

These are her changes:

  • Hating the gym -> going to the gym 3-4 times a week
  • Thinking lifting weights was for men -> lifting weights WITH the men
  • Eating pasta once or twice a DAY -> not eating pasta at all unless I have literally no other choice
  • Eating other grains such as bread and rice every day -> eating rice once this month and eating as little bread or cookies as possible
  • Not understanding ANYTHING about lifting or working out/the evils of machines -> knowing a lot (more than before) about working out and how machines can be bad
  • Not knowing proper form for almost anything -> knowing proper form for more things than probably almost anyone I know
  • Eating lots of microwavable food -> not eating any at all
  • Thinking that I wanted to be super thin just to be thin -> wanting to be super fit and healthy

3) Dawsy and the Runner’s Guild (killer band name, by the way) are going to be (virtually) running to the South Pole.? I freaking love this.?? Join them!

4) I desperately need to do more of this – mobility!? Join Bprime and get limber, people!?

Woots of the Week

If you do something awesome, congratulate yourself for being awesome.? And tell us about it! ?

Who cares if it sounds like you’re bragging – we’re among friends, and we love to see our friends succeed.? So, we have a Woot Room where rebels can post their successes.

Like these heroes:

MattewD went for his first run and his neighbors didn’t attack him with pitchforks and torches.? Win.

JediGirlPHX ran her first half marathon last Sunday!? It was less than 6 months ago she ran her first mile without stopping.? We call this “progress.”

Where’s Waldo? Atlanta.? And he needs to buy a new belt, for the first time in like seven years old, because he’s getting thinner.? Peace out BELT!

Syndey Australia Meet up

Dawsy, who’s runs (ha!) Beginning Barefoot, is organizing a SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA Nerd Fitness meetup for Thursday, Feb 2nd, at 5:45 PM at the Sydney Opera House.? You can join the discussion here.

This makes me happy for so many reasons:

  • Dawsy is the man.? I met up with him in Sydney last spring when I was in Syndey.
  • NF is apparently big enough in Sydney to actually have a meetup!? How cool is that!!!
  • This is something I want to do MORE of – I can’t be everywhere I once, but I know there are Rebels ALL over the world looking to meet each other, so we’re working on coordinating easy ways for meetups to happen in cities and towns all over on a regular basis.? Thanks for getting the ball rolling Dawsy!

More pictures!

I know we have rebels around the world, like our girl Mama T here ??? I want your pictures of doing awesome things to put up in these Friday updates!

So send in your awesome photos to and we’ll get them added to these Friday updates.

Speaking of Fridays…what the heck do I call these Friday updates?

Futureheroes in Training?

State of the Rebellion?

Rebellion Update?

I’m taking suggestions – if you come up with a great name that we go with…free NF shirt for you!

Have a great weekend!



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