Waiting Is the Hardest Part…

Today was SUPPOSED to mark the official launch of the Rebel Fitness Guide.

This past week, as I was gathering some final feedback from the 100+ people that picked up the beta version, I realized that there was something more that I could add to the diet guide, namely how to prepare a few healthy meals, how to shop at a supermarket, and so on.

Well, that small addition quickly developed into a monster. Five straight nights of working til 5AM and 10,000 words later, I’ve created an additional 60-page guide? appropriately named the Rebel Food Fighter.? It started as a small project and quickly progressed into something that could probably be sold as a stand-alone product, but I’ve decided to include it into the giant conglomeration of awesome that is the Rebel Fitness Guide.

So, now when you buy the guide (beginning NEXT Monday, August 30th), you’ll receive in an instant download:

  • 40-page Rebel Fitness Guide
  • 35-page Rebel Diet Guide
  • 60-page Rebel Food Fighter
  • Level 1 Rookie Workout Guide
  • Level 2 Recruit Workout Guide
  • Level 3 Outcast Workout Guide
  • Level 3 Outsider Workout Guide
  • Level 4 Rebel Workout Guide
  • Level 4 Renegade Workout Guide

For each of the workouts, you get the full guide explaining the workout, written descriptions and videos for each exercise, and pdfs and excel sheets for each workout so you can print out/type in your workouts and track your progress.

I’ve also made each workout completely scalable with multiple exercises listed depending on your ability and strength, so now “leveling up” is based more upon experience rather than just pure strength.? This way, it’s possible for two people of various fitness levels to do the same Level 3 or Level 4 workout and have vastly different experiences.? For example, a level 4 workout might call for 4 sets of 8 divebomber push ups, but it also lists decline push ups, regular push ups, or incline push ups as alternative exercises that can be done instead.? This means that no matter if you’re a man or woman, young or old, big or small, you WILL be able to level up to Level 4 if you stick with the program!

What’s in the Rebel Food Fighter?

So, what’s the difference between this Rebel Food Fighter and the Rebel Diet Guide? The Rebel Diet Guide deals with the Nerd Fitness eating philosophy and how to mentally prepare for a life of healthy ass-kicking, while the Rebel Food Fighter is all about ACTION.

It’s designed to help out guys and girls who are ready to start eating better but have no clue how to cook or how to buy healthy food at a grocery store.

These are just some of the topics covered in it:

  • How to Read a Nutrition Label – A breakdown of everything that shows up on a nutrition label, which parts are most important, and which natural foods give you the most bang for your buck for each nutrient.
  • Building a Game Plan – How to attack your trip to the grocery store with a great game plan – what to buy, where to buy it, what to avoid, and how to do it quickly.
  • Beware the Camouflaged Enemy – a list of foods that are marketed as healthy, but are actually quite awful for you.? Learn what these foods are, how to identify them, and how to pick healthy alternatives.
  • My Game Plan and Go – To Meals – I’m not kidding when I tell you that I used to be useless in a kitchen, but I’ve gotten so much better.? I include a few recipes and explanations for exactly how I shop, what I cook for my go-to meals, and more.? If you’re as clueless as I used to be, this is a great starting point.
  • My favorite ways to prepare vegetables and my favorite spices – I didn’t buy my first vegetable from a grocery store until I was probably 22; that’s how sheltered my taste buds were.? Now, I can teach you all kinds of ways to cook ’em!? Learn which vegetables in particular are super easy to get started with and different ways to prepare them.? Also, learn how to spice up your meals without destroying your calorie count for the day.
  • The Best Recipe Resources – Along with a list of my favorite healthy snacks, I also list recipe resources for primal diets, regular diets, vegetarian diets, and vegan diets.? Most of these resources list well over 100 recipes (along with great pictures, solid instruction, and even length of preparation time), which means you’ll never go hungry and unhealthy again!

Now, obviously adding a guide of this size was quite the undertaking; I realized yesterday morning that trying to force myself to put all the additions together and launch the product today was a pipe dream.? Now that Nerd Fitness is my only source of income, I need to make sure this guide kicks the most amount of ass possible.? So, rather than force an incomplete product out the door simply to hit an arbitrary deadline, I decided an extra week of revisions and testing was the right decision.

Winners of the Free Rebel Fitness Guide Giveaway

That being said, I still promised to give away two free guides, one to a person who left a comment on the blog last week and one to a person who left a comment on the NF Facebook page (closing in on 1,000 fans!). Using a random number generator, I’ve selected our two winners.

From the blog, our winner is Dawsy, who answered the question “why do you exercise?:”

I was never one for exercising…I’m a programmer by trade and pretty lazy by nature. Then along came my son, and I realised just how important it is to be able to maintain a high level of activity all day long. Also, I want to be around for my family for a long time. I don’t want to let the team down by dropping off the perch before my time because of my own laziness.

And from Facebook, Peter S. won for his comment on “What do you want to do before you die, and how will fitness help?”:

I want to set a good example for my children. I’d love to be able to keep up with them when they bike, hike, climb, run, or whatever outdoors activity they might enjoy. I know that I started falling down once my oldest started really riding a bike – left me in the dirt. Obviously, if I’m not in shape, I won’t be able to keep up and will have to just watch from the sidelines, which isn’t nearly as much fun.

I’ll be emailing the two winners later on today, so congrats guys and thanks for participating! Lastly, I’m working on a few more surprises for next week’s launch.

Everything listed above will be available in the Basic Training version, and I’m also going to offer a higher-priced version with a bunch of bonuses and 1-on-1 support from yours truly.? If you’re one of the 100 that have already bought the guide, don’t worry – you’ll get everything in the higher priced version as my way of saying thanks for buying the first edition last month!

Shipping Up To Boston

Tomorrow morning, I’m shipping up to Boston (well, Cape Cod) to visit my family and friends for a week. I’m looking forward to spending a few days at the beach, checking out a concert by Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers (one of my favorite bands) at the Beachcomber in Welfleet on Thursday, and finishing up this guide for next’s week launch!

So, sorry for the false-start today, but TRUST ME that it will be worth the wait.? I’m really excited about what I’ve created and how well things have gone for the first group that have used it.

I’ve got big things planned for the Nerd Fitness Rebellion my friend, big things.




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